Is the national guard a state or federal agency?

Answer The National Guard has the distinction of serving both state and federal governments. The Guard's dual mission is to protect the lives and property of state citizens in times of emergency or disast... Read More »

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Is the National Guard Youth Challenge Program a federal or state entity?

The Youth Challenge Program is implemented at the state level, with 28 states doing so as of June 2010. However, it is a national entity in that it is managed by the National Guard's Office of Ath... Read More »

Is the state national guard the same as the army national guard?

The state National Guard and the United States National Guard are one in the same, with the only variances being the authority they were activated under (state or federal). Not all National Guard p... Read More »

Why was the Arkansas National Guard placed under federal command?

Is the Army National Guard a federal entity?

There are three different National Guards: the Army Reserve National Guard, the state National Guards and the Army National Guard. According to Global Security, the Army Reserve National Guard is ... Read More »