Is the name of this flower "viola" or "violet" Or I'm totally wrong?

Answer It's a Saintpaulia, common name, African Violet. Probably a Saintpaulia ionantha which is one of the most common species. Ionantha means "with flowers like a violet". Your picture is of a single fl... Read More »

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What is the meaning of the viola flower in Shakespeare's literature?

The viola appears in several Shakespeare plays, sometimes referred to by other names. Shakespeare didn't choose it at random--the Elizabethans attached special meanings to flowers.Traditional Meani... Read More »

What Is the Meaning of the Violet Flower?

The violet is the flower of four U.S. states, and of Greece. People have a fondness for the delicate flower and its fragrance and color. It has symbolic roots reaching into myth, legend, and religi... Read More »

What type of flower is the African Violet?

The African violet's botanical name is Saintpaulia and it originated from Africa where it is very tropical. African violets grow as single stemmed multiple stemmed plants. Some trailing varities tr... Read More »

Is Rhode Island's state flower the violet?

The common blue violet (Viola sororia) is the state flower of Rhode Island. The violet won an election by the state's schoolchildren in 1897, defeating flowers such as the rose and the pansy, but t... Read More »