Is the name Noel a girl or a boy name?

Answer It can be both but sometimes to for girls they make it noelia ps. noelia is my name

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Is Jordon a boy name or a girl name?

What if your name was supposed to be put on a quit claim deed as a joint heir but the other heir put his name on it with etal after his name only without your name?

unlocked only means it can be activated on any service, not that the phone is any better, when the iphone came out it was only available on one service, unlocked means you can activate it on any se... Read More »

What's your favorite boy name and favorite girl name?

My favorite girl name is Julietteand my favorite boy name is JamesI just realized they both start with Jhave funFrom Alice Mae

Why in tv intro's does the last name come up as the charcter name and there real name?