Is the nVidia 460 graphics card compatable with my MoBo?

Answer It is not the motherboard at issue, but instead is the case and power supply. There are three versions of Dell 740…Small form factor H: 12.4" W: 3.7" D: 13... Read More »

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What will be the best Graphics Card to SLI with Nvidia GTS 250?

That'd be a waste on a newer card, you'd have to SLi with another 250.At this point it may be worth ditching the 250 and going with a decent single card such as a 660 Ti or 7870.You may also be abl... Read More »

Is my laptop compatible with a NVIDIA GeForce 7800 GT graphics card?…………

Is a computer with 3gb ram,320gb hdd,256mb NVIDIA. GeForce 8200 graphics card good for running most PC games?

your specs is almost good besides your video card. upgrading it to at least hd4770 or 9800gt, or if you have a big budget, gts 250 or hd4850 or higher budget, hd4870 or gtx 260. the latter can play... Read More »

Can you use a Nvidia graphics card& also a Radeon card in the same computer?

ATI and Nvidia cards cannot be used simultaneously in the same computer. Two identical Nvidia cards can be linked together with SLI technology, which is not supported by ATI. ATI uses Crossfire to ... Read More »