What kind of cameras do TV shows and movie makers use so that it doesn't look like a 'home movie'?

Answer TV is recorder and produced at 520 lines per inch. Analogue video is around 200 lines per inch - think VHS, 8mm. Your digital camcorder shoots at the same resolution as TV. Therefore you should be ... Read More »

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Are the angels hanging dummies in the movie scene in Tyler Perry movie Madeas family reunion real people or dummies and where can they be found?

What movie were both sandra bullock and kevin spacey in?

Sandra Bullock and Kevin Spacey both appeared in the 1996 release A Time To Kill. Bullock played the role of Ellen Roark, and Spacey starred as District Attorney Rufus Buckley in the film, which wa... Read More »

In the movie Stir of Echos why did Kevin Bacon's characer fill the fridge with orange juice and constantly drink it?

Stir of Echos & OJ Kevin Bacon's character in Stir of Echos may have collected and consumed an abundance of orange juice since he lacked sleep, was fatiqued, and required more energy to fuel his ob... Read More »

How to Create a Real 3D Movie by Yourself?

You can create your own red/blue 3D images to print, or look at on a computer screen, using a normal digital camera and some image processing software. For this activity we explain how to use Adobe... Read More »