Is the morning after pill safe?

Answer The morning-after pill, or emergency contraception, is safe. It is similar to birth control pills but doesn't carry the long-term side effects that birth control pills may have. Minor side effects ... Read More »

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What are the chances of my GF being pregnant after us having sex a few times with a condom and then she took the morning after pill just to be safe the next day?

After having sex 10 days into my girlfriends cycle she popped a morning after pill even though we used a condom and it didn't break just to be safe Her period came about 10 days earlier normal?

What point after unprotected sex is it too late to take the morning after pill?

Answer 72 hrs, three days, afterwards it gets less and less effective.

Can she be pregnant if you touched her vagina after ejaculation but never had sex and took the morning after pill?