Is the mimosa tree dormant in the winter?

Answer Yes, a mimosa tree is dormant in the winter. The mimosa creates a large amount of blossom falls, seed pods and leaf litter on the ground during warm months, so the dormant period is an optimal time... Read More »

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At the tip a dormant winter twig a deciduous tree one will normally find a terminal bud?

Indoor herb plants: do they go dormant in the winter?

I bring my potted Rosemary into an unheated back entry and give it a little water once a week, some years it drops it's leaves some years not and it's about six years old.As to Oregano, I finally f... Read More »

Is a hibiscus plant that is losing leaves in winter dormant?

Hibiscus plants do not survive well in colder temperatures that fall below freezing. Falling leaves in winter may be a sign of tip die-back. This occurs when a fungus infects the branches and stem ... Read More »

Can small mimosa trees be grown indoors in winter?

The mimosa or silk tree (Albizia julibrissin) can be over-wintered in a container indoors, but it is a tree that wants to grow at least 20 feet tall. A better indoor choice would be the sensitive p... Read More »