Is the medical assistant career better than medical billing and coding?

Answer On One Hand: Medical Billers Work Behind the ScenesMedical billing and coding professionals are charged with correctly coding and preparing medical bills to submit to health insurance companies and... Read More »

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Is medical billing and coding the career for you?

On One Hand: Variety Keeps It InterestingMedical coders and billers review patient medical information, assign numeric and alphanumeric codes to diagnoses and procedures and then submit billing cla... Read More »

How is math used in a medical billing career?

Medical billing is the process of reviewing and submitting medical claim forms to the insurance payer for reimbursement. Math skills are an important part of medical billing and are used for a vari... Read More »

Is medical billing and coding a good career?

On One Hand: If You're a Natural AccountantMedical billing and coding occupies the intersection between doctors, patients, and insurance companies, and with each party trying to maximize the value ... Read More »

Is a medical insurance billing and coding career right for me?

On One Hand: Behind The Scenes Medical JobMedical insurance billing and coding involves preparing and coding medical bills to submit to patients and insurance companies. It is ideally suited for in... Read More »