Is the mandevilla plant poisonous?

Answer The mandevilla vine (Mandevilla spp.) is poisonous. According to the Alabama Cooperative Extension System, the majority of the plant is toxic; however, Better Homes and Gardens says the entire plan... Read More »

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How do I plant mandevilla plants?

LocationChoose a sunny location for mandevilla. In Southern states, morning sun with light shade in the afternoon is best. Mandevilla will grow in different soil types such as sandy, clay or loam, ... Read More »

How do I winter a mandevilla plant?

FertilizeFertilize the mandeville plant for two to three weeks as the weather starts to cool down. Use a light liquid fertilizer to strengthen the plant until the temperature begins drops to below ... Read More »

How do I grow a Mandevilla plant?

PlantingChoose a sunny to partly shady location for planting. This will give your Mandevilla plant maximum flower production. However, if you live in a very hot climate, this plant will do well wit... Read More »

How do I take care of a mandevilla hoop plant?

LocationPlace the mandevilla in a sunny location. In hot climates some afternoon shade is welcome when growing outdoors. Mandevilla has a thick root system allowing it to hold water. Soil can be sa... Read More »