Is the lowest elevation of a fridge the coldest area?

Answer Modern fridges don't have a vent for air circulation. Convection is the method of moving the energy. Cool is heavier therefore it is introduced at the top to flow down. That's why your feet feel th... Read More »

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Where is the coldest part of fridge?

AnswerThe coldest part of a fridge is at the very bottom, or the lowest part of it. AnswerThe freezer aside, it makes sense that the colder air will be at the bottom in the back, but if the unit i... Read More »

What number is the coldest on a fridge?

What is the lowest elevation in Death Valley, California?

Badwater is not only the lowest elevation in Death Valley, California, but also the lowest elevation in the Western Hemisphere. The basin lies near the Black Mountains and measures 282 feet (85.5 m... Read More »

My blueprints show my ceiling elevation at 102.69' and floor elevation at 92.19' what does that mean?

The elevation measurements are relative to a common reference point. The blueprints should also indicate what that reference point is. It could be a surveyor's post somewhere on the lot. But if y... Read More »