Is the lemon law jurisdiction where you live or where you purchased the vehicle?

Answer Each state or jurisdiction has its own lemon laws. However, many lemon laws throughout the United States apply to the state where the consumer purchased the vehicle. So, lemon law jurisdiction usua... Read More »

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Is it better to pick a dentist closer to where you live or where you work?

i say live, if your looking around. but i've had the same dentist since i was 10 years old. so doesnt' matter where i live, i always go back to him. over all, someone your comfortable with and trus... Read More »

Where are u from.....and tell me a recipe that is popular where u live...?

I am from Lancashire in England. This is a real regional favourite.BLACK PUDDING.…Watch the video and see how we get the muscles on our men so BIG.

Where is the best place to go where you live to get the most delicious piece of pie?


Do you file state taxes where you live or where you work?

On One Hand: Home State Taxes All IncomeIt is required that you file state taxes in both the state where you work and the state where you live. Your state of residency, according to a USA Today sto... Read More »