Is the leather real on the skullcandy headphones?

Answer With stereo earphones, it is often the case that certain parts of the music, perhaps the singer, will sound much louder in one earphone than the other. However, if everything seems louder in one ea... Read More »

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Is the leather real on skull candy headphones?

sorry, but you cant that's only for the 2nd generation

Sennheiser headphones or Skullcandy headphones?

Sennheiser!They give the best Beats and sounds.Skullcandy tend to distort

How to fix my skullcandy headphones?

What has happened Tim is that even though there was no sign of tears in the wiring, it was stretched. Once this occurs the wiring gives a muffled sound like you are in a barrel. There is no way to ... Read More »

How can you fix skullcandy headphones?