Is Kraken and Root Beer good?

Answer YES! It's actually a surprisingly delicious combo. Kraken is a really dark rum and goes really well with the carbonation and flavoring of root beer.Try it, you will like it, but be careful because ... Read More »

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Who released the sea creature, the Kraken, in Greek mythology?

In the 2010 movie "Clash of the Titans," Hades summoned the monster Kraken. In the 1981 version, Zeus unleashed the creature. The Kraken is not part of Greek mythology, however. It was first descri... Read More »

What clip does the Kraken airsoft gun come with?

According to Aftermath Airsoft, the Kraken Tactical Assault Rifle comes with a 450 round high-capacity clip. Don't confuse this with the Kraken Socom Tactical Assault Rifle which comes with a 500 r... Read More »

What is Bubbles from real chance of love real name?

Did Corn Fed and Real stay together from real chance of love?

NO they are still not together. I live in Fargo and Cornfed was on the radio this morning (they day after the finale aired). She admitted they are no longer together.OMG that is so stupid ------- g... Read More »