Is the kingdom animalia eukaryotic?

Answer The kingdom Animalia, with more than 2 million species, is eukaryotic, meaning that these organisms have cells with a nucleus that is enclosed by a membrane. All animals are heterotrophs, or organi... Read More »

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When was the Animalia Kingdom formed?

Swedish botanist and zoologist Carl Linnaeus is often known as the Father of Taxonomy for his work in categorizing plants and animals. In the mid-1700s, Linnaeus proposed that all living organisms ... Read More »

The Classification of the Kingdom Animalia?

The animal kingdom is divided into two types of animals: vertebrates and invertebrates. These groups are called phyla. A phylum is the second classification, after the kingdom classification, that ... Read More »

How many species are in the kingdom Animalia?

As of 2010, 9 to 10 million species are thought to be members of Kingdom Animalia, which is the largest of all kingdoms. In scientific terms, each living organism belonging to this kingdom is calle... Read More »

Is the clam in the animalia kingdom?

Clams belong to the animal, or animalia, kingdom, according to the Integrated Taxonomic Information System. The animal kingdom includes more than 2 million species, the University Corporation for A... Read More »