Is the island oasis SB3X a good smoothie machine?

Answer I think it's excellent for smoothies. I work at a restaurant where we use it for smoothies, frozen cocktails, and milk shakes. The consistency of the drinks are spot on. If you add too much liquid... Read More »

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Who invented the smoothie machine?

Fred Osius invented a blender called "The Miracle Mixer" in 1935. It was sold by Waring Products, and by 1940 had become popular for making smoothies. Previous blenders were used to mix drinks and ... Read More »

Is the Grand Oasis Cancun next to another Oasis hotel?

The Grand Oasis is located next to another Oasis hotel in Cancun, Mexico, called the Oasis Cancun. Oasis Hoteles is owned by Be Live Hotels, which operates hotels and resorts in 6 countries around ... Read More »

Why do people say "Oasis ARE" instead of "Oasis IS"?

You're correct, of course. But "Oasis is"... it's a little bit of a mouthful even if you're just saying it to yourself. When people say "Oasis are", they could be referring to individual members of... Read More »

Does this sound like a good smoothie to you?

Yes.You know what works even better?Cut the banana into slices and freeze it.Then when you put it and the other ingredients into the blender, it comes out much thicker and creamier.