Is the ipad2 better than a ps3?

Answer PS3 is a game console and home entertainment device and is nothing like an iPad2 or any other iPad.

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Is the new ipad3 better than the ipad2?

Alright, I will suggest everyone to get the iPad 2. This is because it is lighter and you are very sure that it will give you 10 hours of battery life. As for the new iPad, you are not sure because... Read More »

Who is better than ipad3 or ipad2?

We do not know what is wrong with it. Take it to the store and ask for an estimate

Is the ipad1 better than the ipad2?

Yes, you can put a passcode on the ipad 2. Both the numerical one (one with numbers) and the keyboard one (where you type in a message). The keyboard one does look pretty sweet as it looks black, g... Read More »

Is iPhone 5 better than ipad2?

iPhone 5 hasn't been released yet, or for all we know, invented. Maybe you mean the iPhone 4S. iPhone 4S is sort of like a smaller version of the iPad, but it is a phone as well. iPad 2 is much la... Read More »