Is the iPhone4 battery better than iphone4s?

Answer Yes

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( IPHONE4S ) is it possible?

Yes, both of you take your sim cards out with a toothpick and put it in the other iPhone.

Do i need a card on my iphone4s?

Here is all the mac and apple help in one place... Ask Apple here for free 1-800-MY-Apple ,and... Check out the sites for more information. Read More »

What is the cheapest iphone4s?

Errrrrrrrm there is only one price cos the Iphone 4S is only one phone!!

Should you get the Iphone4s or iPhone 4?

The iPhone 4s has 16 GB instead of 8 GB (What iPhone 4 has), it has Siri, it has a 64 GB option, it has the Apple A5 Dual-Core Processor, It has a 1080p HD camera, video stablilization, it has buil... Read More »