Is the iPhone useful in everday life?

Answer yes because it has useful things that you will need like a calculator phone and electonic items that u will use

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How many eggs can i eat everday at most?

I wash my hair everday?

It depends what race you are because some races hair will break off because shampooing drys out peoples hair while it doesn't with other races.

How can i wake up at 6:30 everday for school?

Get more exercise so you are tired when you go to bed and you will fall asleep faster and sleep better. Set an alarm clock on the loudest setting and put it across the room - set it on an empty bo... Read More »

So apple announced the iphone 4 yesterday and i bought the iphone 3gs like 6 days ago and you used too much airtime to return it does your life just suck or is rogers offering an upgrade deal?

You might be able to return it within 30 days. I think other carriers have this plan. Apple also announced that they are dropping the price on the 3gs so you might want to ask them to drop your pri... Read More »