Is the iPhone 4 better than the iPhone 3G and other apple products?

Answer Yes.

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Where can you buy iphone apple products?

I usually get familiar with the product first. I go to stores like Best Buy, and some Walmarts now have cellular service, then I shop online once I know exactly what I want.

Is it true that an Iphone is pretty much useless without other apple products?

Hell no. I have an iPod and it's great even all by itself (and some of my family members decided to get iPhones). You can do fine with any apple product that works (as long as it's part of the ma... Read More »

Difference between factory unlocked apple iphone 3gs and jailbroken apple iPhone 3GS?

AboutUp to 4,000 songsandUp to 16 hours videoThis is an approximate answer

Is iPhone model A1203 original from apple is it 3rd generation 8gb apple iPhone?

That is really only a matter of opinion and can vary according to the individual.