Is the iPad 2 a product from apple?

Answer ipad 2 is a apple prodoct

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Latest bestselling product from Apple that has come out to date?

Ipod remains Apple's best-selling product despite introduction of iphone.Ipod has sold over 100 million units worldwide which is approximately 5 times the iphone.

What is better apple iPad 2 or apple iPad 3G?

The iPad 2 is the 2nd Generation model of iPads. The iPad 3G is actually an iPad (1 or 2) with a data plan attached to it so you can roam anywhere with internet access.

Which is better the apple iPad 2 or the apple iPad 3G?

The iPad two if (at the time of writing) the latest generation of iPads, where as the iPad 3G is a iPad one or two that has the ability to use mobile networks to access the internet.

Is the iPad 2 the newest thimg from apple?

It depends on how you are planning to use it. If you are planning on downloading a lot of apps, watching online videos, downloading songs or movies, or looking at many pictures online, then get two... Read More »