Is the iMac G6 desktop a good computer?

Answer On One Hand: Functional and Aesthetically AppealingApple has a proven track record with an approval index rating of 85 among consumers. The iMac has a Core 2 Duo processor, 4 GB of memory, a 1 TB h... Read More »

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When you buy Parallels Desktop 5 can you install it on your desktop imac and macbook pro?

The Parallels EULA clearly states "one License, one PC".So, no, you have to buy a 2nd copy.Or, get Sun's Virtual Box, free from:TIP: If you had asked first, you wouldn't have wasted the $ 80.

What would be a good desktop computer for me?

Well, the problem with a prebuilt system, even for minor gaming that they all come with integrated graphics OR a seriously crippled dedicated graphics card.Even for Sims use, I would recom... Read More »

How to Use an iMac Monitor With a 733 Desktop?

The Gateway 733 is a desktop computer that, while outdated, is still useful for word processing, online web access and other activities that are typical for a computer user. The 733 connects to a c... Read More »

How do I email a file on my desktop on the iMac?

I think you can just get on gmail or yahoo and drag the file to it.