Is the htc desire hd compatible with mac computers?

Answer I have a big cell not iansatall is skyp

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Are all printers compatible with all computers?

well any printer goes with any computer but if u want an hp printer , 'hppsc1215' is good and it uses 27 and 28 ink cartidges, which u have !!!

What digital cameras are compatible with mac computers?

Most recent cameras are compatible with the Mac. Apple has an old list (dating from 2002) but it has not been updated lately probably because most cameras now work. (See links below)

Are new computers compatible with a dialup connection?

I'm presently using Windows XP and it works well enough for me on dial-up! I could get high-priced, high-speed out here in the boondocks; but I cannot afford anything except dial-up ! My Windows ... Read More »

Is the TomTom 250 GPS system compatible with Mac computers?

The TomTom XL 250 GPS unit is compatible with Macintosh computers. TomTom offers a free program for the Mac called TomTom Home that allows you to install maps, make backups, personalize the receive... Read More »