What does"Hokie"mean?

Answer Hokie, not to be confused with the word "hokey," is a term that was coined by O.M. Stull for a spirit sports yell that he wrote during his time at Virginia Tech (Class of 1896). The word itself is ... Read More »

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I feel really really guilty about me getting my iPhone after my htc evo shift stoppedPlease no mean answers ..?

It's good. It means you understand and appreciate what your parents did for you. A lot of kids with parents thay buy them iphones and other expensive things are spoiled and act like it is owed to t... Read More »

I have really bad cramps, and am thinking about ripping my insides out for about a week?

i was wondering what it was that brought you back to r/s again

What is the cia really about?

You heard about a prison in Peru that has no guards like Sona in Prison break you may be wrong about the country but you really like to know more about this?

Yes-It's called Lurigancho and because there are too many prisoners versus guards, they have to elect prisoners that run the show. The conditions are terrible.