How to Do the Hokey Pokey?

Answer The Hokey-Pokey is an old, but still popular group dance in many English-speaking countries, and is used as a bonding exercise with infants and toddlers. This dance is enjoyed in many households ac... Read More »

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How to Make Hokey Pokey?

A delicious sweet, often a favorite of New Zealanders.

What is the meaning of the name pokey?

The name Pokey can mean the word “jail,” from the altered word “pogie” or “poorhouse” from 1891. The name can also mean confined, shabby, slow or dull, from the word “poke” dating f... Read More »

I feel really really guilty about me getting my iPhone after my htc evo shift stoppedPlease no mean answers ..?

It's good. It means you understand and appreciate what your parents did for you. A lot of kids with parents thay buy them iphones and other expensive things are spoiled and act like it is owed to t... Read More »

I have really bad cramps, and am thinking about ripping my insides out for about a week?

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