Is the high-definition signal broadcast on multiple satellites?

Answer Multiple satellites broadcast the high-definition signal using MPEG-4 compression. Since there are multiple satellites, it's easier for rural areas to pick up this service. However, weather plays a... Read More »

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Do you need a HDMI cable to get a high definition signal for a playstation 3 or can you get a high definition signal using just a scart lead?

for a high definition signal on a playstation 3 you need a hdmi cable using a simple scart lead will only give you standard deffinition if you are looking to buy a hdmi cable the cheapest ones are... Read More »

What high definition programs are on which directv satellites?

Depending on where you live, locals are either on the 79.5, 95, or 103 degrees satellites. National HD programming is on the 110 or the 119 degree satellites. Standard programming generally falls o... Read More »

Does a regular antenna pick up the high-definition signal?

If the broadcast television station transmits a high-definition signal, a regular antenna should be able to pick it up as well as it does any digital transmission. A high-definition television is n... Read More »

What improvements to broadcast television and videotapes does high-definition and digital television broadcasting bring?

pictures will have better quality because of an increase in the number of pixels and a change in the aspect ratio of the picture.