Is the green iguana bar and grill closing down?

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Giant Green Iguana Facts?

Green iguanas, which have the scientific name "Iguana iguana," are among the most popular reptile pets in the United States. These lizards easily can reach lengths of up to 7 feet, causing many peo... Read More »

How to Care for a Green Iguana Hatchling?

Before you even think on getting a Green Iguana as a pet, you need to consider that even if it looks all cute and small, it wont be like that forever. The males can grow up to 4-6' feet (sometimes ... Read More »

Habitat of the Giant Green Iguana?

Giant Green Iguanas live up to their name, with males growing in excess of 6 feet in length. Females, however, are smaller and require substantial enclosures if kept as pets. Giant Green Iguanas ca... Read More »

When you forgot to put the top plate on my george foreman grill will this hurt the grill if you clean it with a brillo pad?

If i understand your q correctly no. Do not use steel wool on any Teflon finish though. Hope this helps. Mike