Is the golden apple found in St. Vincent?

Answer The golden apple is indeed found in St. Vincent. A native fruit to the South Pacific, golden apple trees have adapted well to many West Indian islands, including Jamaica, St. Vincent and Grenada. S... Read More »

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What is a golden apple?

Tomatoes are known as golden apples. They earned this nickname in Italy, where the first imported tomatoes were golden in color. Their Italian name is pomodoro, which literally translates to "golde... Read More »

The Myth of the Golden Apple?

In classical mythology, three famous Greek legends include golden apples. In these stories, the symbolism of the apples ranges from temptation to immortality to beauty. Though golden apples also ap... Read More »

How much sodium is in a Golden Delicious apple?

A small Golden Delicious apple, measuring about 2 3/4 inches in diameter and approximately 5 oz. in weight, will deliver 1 mg of sodium. Large apples, with a diameter of 3 1/4 inches and a weight o... Read More »

What nutrients are found in apple?

Apple nutritional informationOne medium apple with skin contains almost 4 grams of dietary fiber.Potassium - 158 mg Calcium - 9.5 mg Phosphorus - 9.5 mg Magnesium - 7 mg Selenium - .4 mg Also conta... Read More »