My little sister bit a glow stick and got the glow part in her mouth and I want to know if she will be ok?

Answer i've accidentally bitten them open before and they taste gross but i never got sick from them. she should be fine, watch her and if she looks like she is feeling sick or anything take her to the e... Read More »

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Is liquid oxygen flammable?

Liquid oxygen is not flammable, but it will help flammable objects burn more readily. Liquid oxygen is typically stored in an insulated pressure tank in an area with adequate ventilation and away f... Read More »

OSHA Flammable Liquid Storage Requirements?

OSHA mandates safe storage of flammable liquids, which are liquids with flashpoints below 100 degrees F. (Flashpoint is the lowest temperature at which the liquid gives off enough vapor to ignite.)... Read More »

Does NFPA require diesel fuel to be treated as a flammable liquid?

The National Fire Protection Agency classifies diesel fuel as a Class II flammable liquid. The vapors of this class of liquids form a flammable mix with air at temperatures above 100 but below 140 ... Read More »

Is getting glow stick goo on your hand bad?

no, it is not bad, unless you eat it. just wash it off with soap and water.