Is the giraffe endangered?

Answer The giraffe is not on the endangered species list. Giraffes are very common animals on the African savanna. They are not under direct threat from poaching because giraffes do not have anything of h... Read More »

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Is the white giraffe endangered?

The white giraffe is rare, but not an endangered species. The white giraffe is leucistic, or lighter in color than other giraffes and not a true albino animal. Chris Foley from the Wildlife Conserv... Read More »

How often does a giraffe eat a day?

Giraffes eat throughout the day, browsing on a variety of trees and vines. The “Encyclopedia of Mammals” reports that females spend over 12 hours a day eating while males spend about 10 hours a... Read More »

How old does a giraffe get?

The average lifespan of a giraffe in the wild is 25 years. However, the lifespan of a giraffe may increase when it is placed in captivity. There have been cases where giraffes lived more than 30 ye... Read More »

How big is a giraffe leg?

A giraffe's legs measure about six feet in height. While it may appear that the front legs are longer than the back legs, they are in fact the same length.Source:San Diego Zoo: Mammals-Giraffe