What all do you need to elist in the Air Force with a GED My friend has his GED and wants to go into the Air Force can he do that Do you need any extra college credits or anything Answer ASAP?

Answer All services have lowered their entrance requirements since the beginning of deployment to Iraq and Afghanistan. At different times there have been different requirements for GED grads. Generally, ... Read More »

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Is the force of an aeroplane nose diving bigger than the force of the pilot pushing the stick?

Protection of Air Force Personnel and operational resources from is essential to successful Air Force operations?

Is there a way in the Air Force that allows a spouse to rent a house during her husband deployment with the air force paying for it?

enlisted personnel must service out their enlistment unless there is a dire cause for early release. An officer can resign from service..............

How does the Air Force Occupational Analysis Program collect information about Air Force jobs?