Is the flavoring in ramen real meat or just artificial flavoring?

Answer If it's a meat flavor (chicken, shrimp, etc.) of ramen, then yeah, it would be off limits for you. Almost all mainstream meat "flavored" things have some sort of non-vegetarian ingredient in them. ... Read More »

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Does Metamucil come with artificial flavoring?

Some of Metamucil's products come with artificial flavoring. The items that include artificial flavors are both wafer products (apple and cinnamon), berry burst powdered drink mix, and all orange-f... Read More »

What is natural flavoring in dog food?

Natural flavoring can be found in all kinds of dog food and dog treats. Natural flavoring on the label is not a sign that the food is better than other types of dog food, according to the Food and ... Read More »

What is the source of natural vanilla flavoring?

Natural vanilla flavoring comes from the vanilla bean, the seed pod of the vanilla orchid. Tiny seeds inside the pod produce the flavor. Traditional vanilla flavoring products most often used are c... Read More »

What is snow cone flavoring made of?

The No. 1 ingredient for snow cone flavoring syrup is water. The syrup can also contain high fructose corn syrup, citric acid, preservatives, food coloring and artificial flavors. Snow cone flavori... Read More »