Is the flamingo endangered?

Answer While the flamingo is not on the United States list of endangered species, some controversy exists over their status. Other endangered species official agencies, such as The Convention on Internati... Read More »

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Is the pink flamingo endangered?

Because they get their pigmentation from the foods they eat, all flamingos are pink, with small variations in their appearance. Currently, as of 2010, there are no flamingos on the endangered speci... Read More »

What is a flamingo?

The flamingo is a type of large bird, which scientists sometimes refer to as Phoenicopterus ruber. A member of the Ciconiiformes order of birds, the flamingo is distantly related to storks, herons ... Read More »

What phylum is the flamingo in?

According to, the flamingo belongs to the "Chordata" phylum. The University of Michigan Museum of Zoology explains that animals in this phylum have a rod-like structure that extend... Read More »

How does a flamingo protect itself?

Flamingos are large, brightly colored wading birds with long legs and a large, curved bill. Native to Africa, Asia, the Americas and Europe, flamingos make their home in shallow lakes and lagoons. ... Read More »