Is the female reproductive system interdependent with the nervous system?

Answer According to Dr. Ben Kim, all of the body's systems are interdependent. Since the nervous system regulates all other systems, including the reproductive system, yes, the female reproductive system ... Read More »

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What is the male&female reproductive system?

The human reproduction system plays a major function in human development and transformation. Together, the male and female reproductive system(s) can create another human being. In addition, these... Read More »

How many parts are in the female reproductive system?

The female reproductive system has organs, internal and external structures, and glands working together during a women's lifetime. There are 18 components and associated glands (two vestibular, nu... Read More »

Which part of the flower contains the female reproductive system?

According to the University of Arizona Extension manual for Master Gardeners, the pistil of a flower contains the female reproductive system. The pistil is a long structure in the center of the flo... Read More »

What is the male whale reproductive system?

The male whale reproductive system is a subject of intrigue. For one, it's difficult for scientists to observe, as whale mating can be an elusive behavior. Scientists have logged long observation h... Read More »