Is the female human ear different from the male human ear?

Answer The female human ear is not genetically different from the male human ear. The only differences are that male ears are generally larger and have more hair around the lobes. Female ears are generall... Read More »

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What is a human with both male&female reproductive organs called?

A person who has male and female sex organs is called a hermaphrodite. The term is from Greek legend, where it referred to the son of the god Hermes and the goddess Aphrodite. Tradition held that H... Read More »

What are human beings who are half male and half female called?

Individuals born with both male and female genitals and/or reproductive organs have historically been called hermaphrodites, but now prefer to be called intersexed. These individuals should have D... Read More »

What do human female pheromones smell like?

Phermonoes are chemicals that trigger a response in members of the same species, affecting behavior and physiology. Human female pheromones are not detectable by the human sense of smell, and there... Read More »

How to Draw a Female Human's Profile?

Drawing portraits is a skill that takes practice and patience. Learning about the proportions of the face will make the process easier, as will learning how to properly measure the features. Once y... Read More »