Is the failure rate higher in iuds or birth control pills?

Answer Both IUDs and birth control pills effectively prevent pregnancy up to 99 percent of the time when used properly. IUDs are expelled about 7 percent of the time within the first year of use. Failure ... Read More »

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Differences in Birth Control Pills & Pills for Menopause?

Both birth control pills and pills for menopause, more commonly called hormone replacement therapy (HRT), contain progesterone and/or estrogen. The difference lies in the amount and type of hormone... Read More »

How to Use Birth Control Pills & Morning After Pills?

Birth control pills use hormones to prevent pregnancy by stopping the release of an ovum and keeping the sperm from getting through the cervix. They also keep the ovum from making it down the fallo... Read More »

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List of Birth Control Pills That Help Control Acne?

In the quest to cure acne, people, especially women, will turn to every lotion, gel, scrub or ointment in order to cure their blemishes. However, some doctors are now prescribing oral contraceptive... Read More »