Is the facebook server down today 09/23/2010?

Answer Yes its happened to me just now. wtf is up with this. it wont load the page and if it does it wont load anything on it except a status update bar. this is ridiculous they should fix this.

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Why is the facebook server down!?

i dont know..Its down for everyone else... including me.Theyre just lazy buts D:

Facebook server down in India?

same in punjab.....but.. touch.facebook.comnd are running well..try from ur mobile or type the links as above just replace www with touch or of them will be working...

Is Facebook down today everywhere today?

Maybe yours was just down for a while, i think its working fine now, atleast mine is

Is facebook down today 31.08.10?

It's down for most people. See for Facebook status updates. Hopefully it will be back up again soon.