Is the facebook broken?

Answer Am on it now.One user is correct about being banned for to much chat,and the account returns when they think so.Having said that my wife couldn't access it and i googled adobe and found an update t... Read More »

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How to Report a Broken Link to Facebook?

Facebook allows members to share news, photos, videos and links with friends and family members in their network. Users of Facebook click on links to view the shared media and stories posted by fri... Read More »

Can't get to my Facebook account keeps telling me I have a broken link HTTP 404?

Strange one Gus, wish I had an answer. I'll star this and maybe someone will see it and have something for advice. Good luck :)

WHAT IS WORSE: broken HAND or broken HEART?

Hand is more important. without it, you wont be able to come to yahoo answers to pour out your woes. I agree with baobei. Almost everybody has some heart broken tales which they cast aside but n... Read More »

What do emergency rooms do for broken a broken clavicle?

They will examine you first to feel where the break is ...if there is oneXray the area to see if you have broken the clavicle in the middle, or if it has broken on the ribcage or shoulder.If there ... Read More »