Is the estate tax rate the same if married or single?

Answer On One Hand: Estate Tax Rates Are The Same Married or SingleThe estate tax rate does not change because of marital status. Estate taxes are never paid on assets left to a surviving spouse. However,... Read More »

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Can I file my taxes as married filing single if I was just married in October?

Married filing single is not a tax filing status. You cannot file your income taxes as a single person if you are married as of the last day of the year. However, you are permitted to choose to fil... Read More »

If two individuals co-habitat but are not legally married could they still receive a discounted married rate on car insurance?

Answer In many states a couple living together can publicly declare themselves as married under common-law marriage laws. If you do this then you should be able to receive whatever benefits are af... Read More »

Can one file for single bankruptcy if married?

According to, a married person can file for bankruptcy without her spouse, however, any joint accounts could harm the spouse when filing. A married person should think abou... Read More »

Are you married yet sometimes feel like a single parent ?

Oh honey, that's! My husband is the same. He is a wonderful father and a great playmate for my son, but you would swear he isn't able to make a decision on his own. He always asks, sh... Read More »