Is the ecigarette better for your health than a typical cigarette?

Answer I adore my E-Cig, there is no study that proves it to be a long-term health risk and it is much better for you than conventional cigarettes. I think, if you're trying to give up and lose the nicoti... Read More »

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What's better for you than smoking a cigarette?

Is health insurance better for dogs than people?

On One Hand: Dogs Have Similar ExpensesLike humans, dogs need vaccinations, preventative ca and have unexpected accidents and illnesses. Since dogs cannot communicate their symptoms, however, diag... Read More »

Is Coconut oil better than olive oil health wise?

Both are good choices and can be part of a healthy diet. Look for extra virgin or unrefined oils. Coconut oil and olive oil are both cholesterol free and delicious. Coconut oil is saturated, but it... Read More »

What's worse for your health - A tablespoon of sugar or a Cigarette?

The best choice of two evils is to choose neither, if you can. Sugar will ruin your health for 146 reasons that are listed in . Nicotine is probably even worse,... Read More »