How to Wire a 4 Flat to a 6 Round?

Answer Trailer electrical connections are available in eight different plug types. Connecting two different style plugs is done using one of two methods. If the vehicle connection has less wires than the ... Read More »

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Who discovered the world is round, not flat?

There really is no evidence that ancient people thought the world was flat, according to Goddard Space Flight Center’s David P. Stern. Aristotle proposed a spherical Earth based on his observatio... Read More »

Ways to Prove the Earth Is Round?

The theory that Earth is flat is as archaic as the speculation that the solar system circles the Earth, both of which have been proven incorrect. There are many ways to prove that Earth is round, a... Read More »

Teacher Objectives for Teaching Round, Static, Flat & Dynamic Characters?

There are several different types of characters in a work of literature, including round, static, flat and dynamic. A teacher's objectives for teaching these four types of characters should be to i... Read More »

What is a flat map of the Earth called?

A flat map of the Earth is called a map projection. There are several classes of map projections based on distortions in shape, distance, area and direction. Some examples are conformal, mercator ... Read More »