What is a flat map of the Earth called?

Answer A flat map of the Earth is called a map projection. There are several classes of map projections based on distortions in shape, distance, area and direction. Some examples are conformal, mercator ... Read More »

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Why are so many of the flat earth society apparently obsessed with Candida?

A book published in 1986 by the very aptly named William Crook made the original claim of Candida overgrowth and its myriad, implausible symptoms as well as its equally silly cures.Since no form of... Read More »

Which is better for Christmas, a flat screen TV or a flat girlfriend?

What is the difference between a flat plasma tv and a LED flat tv?

Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) • HD resolution from 1280x720 pixels through 1920x1080 pixels in a variety of panel sizes. • LCD panel fabrication is a mature technology - now in 7th and 8th gen... Read More »

Can you lay a plasma flat screen TV flat to move it?