Is the djembe drum still in use today?

Answer Djembe drums are widely played by professional and amateur musicians alike. The three tones created by the drum (the bass, tone and slap) lend a distinctive percussive backdrop to a variety of musi... Read More »

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What is a djembe drum?

Irreplaceable in drum circles around the world, the djembe drum started in Africa. Belonging to the membranophone family of instruments, it has a shell and is covered by an animal skin drum head.De... Read More »

How is the djembe drum made?

Carved by hand, the process of making a traditional djembe drum takes a lot of time and physical effort. Traditionally, African drummakers carve djembes from a single piece of wood like Kardi, Lenk... Read More »

Who invented the djembe drum?

The djembe drum was invented by the Malinke and Susu people of the West African regions of Mali and Guinea in the 13th century. Unlike many instruments in Africa, the djembe drums do not have socia... Read More »

Information on the Djembe Drum from Africa?

The djembe (or jembe) is a "goblet shaped" wooden-bodied hand-played drum that originiated with the West African Mande people. The drum head is covered with a stretched hide traditionally made of g... Read More »