Is the date ur scan gives accurate?

Answer Nothing can be that accurate. The scan measures the size of the baby and that is how they work it out. I've got a 4 month old baby boy and when I went for my scan I'd calculated that my baby was du... Read More »

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There is a 12 day difference in due dates ultrasound confirms an earlier date and LMP is a later date Which is more accurate?

How accurate is a heel bone density scan?

On One Hand: Other Bone Scans Provide Greater AccuracyDue to variations in bone density, heel bone density scans do not provide the same accuracy as scans of the hip or spine, according to the Nati... Read More »

How accurate are online due date calculators?

On One Hand: For the "Average" WomanOnline due date calculators are fairly accurate for most women. They are based on the "textbook" 28-day menstrual cycle and assume that a woman ovulated and con... Read More »

How accurate are ultrasounds in determining date of conception?

On One Hand: Margin of ErrorAccording to Dr. Arthur T. Ollendorf, a professor of obstetrics at the University of Cincinnati, estimated conception dates from ultrasounds performed during the first t... Read More »