Is the croup a permanent illness?

Answer The croup is not a permanent illness. Sometimes, however, children may get repeated episodes of the croup before they come down with a cold. Children do outgrow the croup, although sometimes they g... Read More »

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I know alot of people smoke pot to help with chronic illness..but are there any illness caused by smoking it?

no, nothing major. The goverment just wants you to believe it is just as bad as smoking Cigs. Mary Jane is all natural from the earth. If God didn't want us to smoke, it wouldn't grow. It helps too... Read More »

Can teens get croup?

How to Diagnose Croup?

Laryngotracheitis, known as croup, is an infection that causes inflammation, swelling and a narrowing of the larynx and trachea. Croup primarily affects children between the ages of 3 months and 6 ... Read More »

Is croup dangerous?

It can be in serious cases. My mother had to take me to the emergency room when I was toddler because I almost suffocated to death from it. Most of the time is it only a cough though and will disap... Read More »