Is the cost of a will tax deductible?

Answer According to IRS publication 529, the expenses of will preparation are not deductible. You cannot deduct will preparation expenses even if a result of the legal proceeding is the loss of income-pro... Read More »

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Will my Ontario Health Card cover the cost of a circumcision for a sixteen year old and if not how much will it cost me and do I need to involve my parents?

Answer OHIP does not cover circumcision. The only exception is that OHIP will cover circumcision of a teenager or adult if there is an existing condition that makes circumcision medically necessary... Read More »

Is the cost of weed control on farmland tax deductible?

According to the IRS, weed control and any ground maintenance is a farm expense that can be deducted in the year that the cost is incurred. Other such deductible costs include pesticides, fertilize... Read More »

What percentage of fence cost is tax deductible?

The cost of adding a fence to your home is not tax deductible. Because the fence qualifies as a home improvement, you must add the cost of it to the value of your home and then pay taxes on it.Refe... Read More »

Is the cost of noxious weed control deductible for a farm land held for rent?

The Internal Revenue Service allows you to take "all ordinary and necessary expenses" as deductions against income from real estate that you hold and rent out. Based on the IRS's guidance to farmer... Read More »