Pet peeve when dining out?

Answer I also hate when my plate is the only one remaining on the table but don't be so quick to judge the waiter. I worked in a restaurant for 11 years and the management team made us do this. I object... Read More »

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What is your biggest pet peeve about driving?

I hate it when you are driving and suddenly someone pulls up infront of you fron another street and get infront of you and then they drive really slow and to start, there was no one behind you for ... Read More »

What is your pet peeve of the Baby Name Section?

Mine is all the drama that goes down. :-[Hunter:I'm just talking about in general. Old drama,new drama,trolls etc.Hunter:Also the rate of thumbs down in this section...I mean holy hell..

What is your biggest "pet peeve" when at a Restuarant?

Parents who let their kids run around the restaurant like it was a playground.

What is your biggest pet peeve of other drivers on the road?

Cutting you off only to advance like 5 feet before the next RED light. Congratulations, dumbass, you got to the red light that you have to wait for anyway before I did.Some people are just idiots.