Is the cause of alcoholism genetic or environmental?

Answer On One Hand: Addiction Partly GeneticGenetics play one part in the development of alcoholism, according to the Mayo Clinic and Medline Plus. However, it is not known which genes play a role in a pe... Read More »

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Is alcoholism genetic or environmental?

On One Hand: Environment Plays an Important RoleAlcoholism is a gradual process, says Excessive and long-term use of alcohol may make the body accustomed to the drug, creating a phy... Read More »

Is alcoholism an addiction or a genetic inheritance?

On One Hand: Alcoholism as an AddictionAlcoholism is a disease that is considered an addiction. Those who are considered alcoholics are defined by their need to drink and inability to stop. They cr... Read More »

Can alcoholism cause bloating?

On One Hand: Alcoholism Causes BloatingAccording to American Family Physician, alcohol abuse is associated with increased mortality, social problems, violence and accidents. Symptoms include chroni... Read More »

Does propecia cause genetic mutations?

On One Hand: Propecia Causes Developmental IssuesPropecia is a 5-alpha reductase inhibitor used in the treatment of prostate hyperplasia and hair loss in men. According to the pharmaceutical manuf... Read More »