Is the car insured or the person?

Answer the car

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Is an under-25 person insured on my State Farm insurance if they use my car?

According to State Farm, an auto insurance policy will usually cover any licensed driver who has permission to drive your car. The insurer warns, however, that all 50 states have different laws gov... Read More »

How can you find out if a person was insured at the time of an accident and what coverages he had?

Answer Contact your state board of insurance and there should be some forms to fill out and WHY you need this information. Generally if you have been in an accident with these people they will hel... Read More »

Had a car crash and suffered whiplash the other person said its there fault we are both insured with the same?

Even if it is the same company I would treat it just asif it is two different because of the way the admin will work. Just inform them yourself so that it is noted down on your policy, ask them wha... Read More »

Can a person live in Illinois and keep their auto insured in Missouri?

Answer NO they can get there car towed away for doing that..