Is the cannon 590is from amazon new in the box?

Answer They sell new.…

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Is canon 590IS is a good camera?

One of the best if not the best compact camera under 200 USD . The quality of photos is awesome , it works very smoothly .Good design and reasonable size that you can carry it in your pocket or be... Read More »

Does canon 590IS have manual controls?

Yes. While the automatic exposure algorithms are very good, you can manually set exposure (aperture and shutter speed) to get the effect you're looking for. If that isn't enough, a CHDK build is n... Read More »

Can you use lenses from cannon OS 100 on new cannon digital camera?

Can a cannon 35 mm lens fit a digital cannon 35 mm?

Short answer: Yes.Long answer: Canon digital cameras are divided into two classes: Those with APS-C sensors (Rebel, 30D/40D/50D), and those with full-frame sensors (5d, 5d Mark II, 1D Mark II, 1D M... Read More »