Which is more expensive: living on campus or off campus (college)?

Answer It is far more expensive to live on campus than off.For example, I will be attending the University of Maryland this fall. Off campus costs are around $8,000. However, on-campus will cost over $20,... Read More »

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On-campus versus off-campus housing?

the dorms is the way to go. its cheaper. you're on campus. its easier. no worries about paying bills, no worries about food shopping, no worries about communting to campus and finding a spot etcI d... Read More »

Where is the orifice locating on gas dryers?

why take about 1min & 30sec to get burn between igniter & gas work, burn about 30sec then going off another 1min & 30sec cooling down

Help locating this cheese online?

Was it this one?…I think you can buy it here:…

How to Locating the Greatest Loans Online?

This article needs to be converted to wikiHow format. You can help by editing it now and then removing this notice. Notice added on 2012-04-30.Nowadays it really is easy to free up some extra cash ... Read More »